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Do you live a fast-paced life? How about things like uncertainty in our modern society doesn’t it cause stress and anxiety to debilitating levels clouding your future outlook on life? Stress, when becomes chronic and unmanaged will hurt your quality of life and see you face an increase in health issues and disorders. The result are negative emotions which are traumatic and you’re left with a vulnerable immune system. Harsh analogy but like rainwater picks up all the rubbish along the gutters and gets drained into the sewers, stress is this rubbish and unfortunately we end up with sewers running through our body because we let stress into our lives. We want the purity of rainwater without the rubbish (stress and anxiety) getting drained into the sewers which can be us. If comparing our insides to sewers was offensive take my word for it if all that stress alone could talk and make a comparison of how it affects the human body it would probably look at what rubbish was going into those sewers and pick the filthiest one to compare our body to. 

So, what can we do? Exercise, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation have all been shown to mitigate anxiety. Manage your anxiety with Yoga which incorporates these techniques and your emotions won’t be sewers always coming up with rubbish flowing in the water (your negative thoughts). If anxiety increases, it may start to interfere with everyday activities and overall well-being and thereby meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Mentally, this includes pervasive day-long exaggerated worry and tension, inability to relax, difficulty concentrating, anticipation of disaster and excessive concern about life issues. 

Yoga’s positive impact on anxiety and anxiety disorders is supported by a growing body of research. Yoga is an effective and safe intervention for individuals with anxiety disorders. 

When you meditate in Yoga you gain more skill in the interface between your thought processes and emotion control this in turn makes you more sensitive react less negatively to your own thoughts and life situations. When you practice the physical components of yoga there is a mind-body connection which impacts mental functioning working effectively on anxiety symptoms. Overall, these skills make it possible to have a degree of control over our emotional state and how we respond to stressful events. It’s what makes the mind-body practice of Yoga so powerful.

I took anxiety as an example in this blog to let you know how yoga can transform even a major health issue by helping you physically, mentally and on emotional planes. If you can overcome the stress and anxiety you go through practising yoga imagine what else it can do for your quality of life.

At Yogacita a class style known as Yin Yoga opens up the body physically and energetically without strain or effort. We practice calmness by sitting with the thoughts, sensations and emotions that are stirred up within the poses. We practice non reaction, choosing to be the witness instead of the victim to every

thought, emotion and sensation that passes through us. With these new sets of skills stress and anxiety will be a thing of the past.

Another class is called Restorative Yoga which is very gentle helping you access your parasymphatic nervous system stimulating the healing response of your body so all those health issues and aching emotions due to stress that have built up in the body will heal in time.

Stress and anxiety can wave goodbye when you decide to begin your journey in yoga.


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